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Andres Kempel


Andres Kempel



After working in New Zealand, in very prestigious hunting lodges in Argentina, and with more than ten years experience with Red Deer, we started to develop a Red Stag hunting operation in a private owned property a few minutes away from San Carlos de Bariloche city and its Intenational Airport, here, in Patagonia, Argentina.


The ranch where the hunting is done, it’s a very prestigious “estancia”, very well known worlwide for its sheep production (Merino Wool), and its excellent beef (Hereford grass fed cattle).


It’s a 120,000 acres ranch, situated in a vast valley at the foothills of the Andes.

All our deer are 100% WILD FREE RANGE, deer transit freely through and outside the ranch with no restricions at all. This is why, you will experience a truely hunting experience that you’ll never forget.


Our mission and aim is Quality rather than Quantity of the trophies taken, that’s why we only receive 10 to 12 hunters per season, just on the roar (March – April). This will make two hunters per week in the 120,000 acres, very exclusive and personalized.


We started this operation here, just a couple years ago, before, this ranch, had never been hunted, with very good results, and even it’s free range, we have a 100% success rate for all the past seasons.