Hunting Information




Arrival Day
Upon arrival you will be greeted at the domestic airport and transferred to the lodge and cabins, located at only 20 minutes away from the hunting area. After settling into your cabin, we generally recommend a refreshing siesta to recover from your travels. In the afternoon you will tour the ranch, meet your guide and have an opportunity to check your rifle on the range, and even start hunting.


Typical Hunting Day

Your day will start with a friendly wake-up around 6 AM. Freshly brewed coffee and the welcoming aroma of breakfast will await your arrival in the lodge, where your guide will meet you to formulate your plan for the day. After breakfast you’ll head out to the designsted hunting area in search of your dream trophy and during the rut, you will be able to listen to the big stags roaring. Game is plentiful and your guide will expertly help you decide which trophy animal should be pursued. If the morning hunt doesn’t produce that “special trophy”, it will be time to return to the lodge for lunch or have lunch in the field, ussuallly we prefer to stay out, in the middle of the game, looking around or just having a “siesta” under a tree, waiting for some action to start. Later in the afternoon you will renew your search for the evening hunt. You might be chasing a trophy stag that you saw in the morning or hot on the trail of a newly spotted trophy that has your adrenaline flowing.
Generally around 9 PM you will be back at the lodge for cocktails and dinner.
Hunting season
The hunting season starts March 1st through April 30th, which is the fall in South America.


Best Time to Come
The Red Deer rut runs approximately from March 1st to April 15, that’s why all our hunts are in the rut. March is autumn in Patagonia and is with no doubt the most beautiful time of the year.


Length of Hunts
A guest will generally stay for 6 days (arriving to Bariloche on Sundays and departing on Fridays)
Hunting Conditions
The hunt can be conducted on horseback, on foot or by truck - whatever the hunter prefers.
Mainly we go by truck or horses but once s trophy is located we begin a stalk on foot.
It’s open country, walking is needed (sometimes you’ll need to crawl too). That’s why this is a truely hunt, that you’ll never forget.
Averge shots go between 150 to 300 yards.
Temperatures – Fall
Days are mild-cool and nights are cold. During the day, temperatures may vary between 4ºC (40ºF) and 13ºC (55ºF), sometimes during the day it might get much warmer.


Required Gear
The hunt can be conducted on horseback, on foot or by truck - the choice is up to you.
You should make sure you pack warm clothes, a waterproof jacket, gloves and a winter cap. You should plan to wear a windproof jacket and we recommend that you dress in layers. Comfortable, medium weight boots are most advisable and should be waterproof. Due to the long summer days, exposure to the sun may be prolonged. Therefore, one should not only wear a cap at all times, but also use sun-block (30+ UV filter) in order to protect your skin from strong sunrays. Polarized sunglasses are also strongly recommended. Another detail to bear in mind is that, although insects are not abundant in this region, mainly in the higher areas, an insect repellant may become handy during excursions.


Gun Rentals
Available rifles (300 Win Magnum).


Trophy Preparation
We’ll prepare your trophy and dry the cape for exportation to your taxidermist in your country.
Trophy Shipping
We have a person in Buenos Aires that will take care of your trophies and shipped them back to you or your taxidermist.




Deposit Policy
A deposit of 50% of the package price is required to confirm your booking. The balance is due no later than 45 days before the reservation date.

Late payment in full may result in the loss of your scheduled hunt date.
Cancellation Policy
We always recommends hunt insurance in case of cancellation. However, if you cancel your hunt 90 days before the scheduled hunt date, your deposit will be refunded (less a $200 US service fee). If you cancel with less than 90 days but more than 45 days prior to the hunt, only half of your deposit will be refunded (less a $200 US service fee). The remaining half of your deposit may be credited toward the same contracted hunt within the following year.
Unfortunately, cancellation with less than 45 days of the hunt date will result in a total loss of your deposit.