After booking our Red Stag Hunt in Argentina in 2009, We; my wife, hunting partner and his wife were on our way in April of 2010.  The uneventful flight to Buenos Aires International Airport, Argentina,  and then a short ride from the domestic airport to the City of San Carlos de Bariloche, We were met by Andres Kempel. 
By early the next morning, I was more than ready for the hunt to begin. 
So after breakfast we were loaded into his SUV, and on the way to the ranch where we would soon hear the "ROAR" of the Red Stag.  The sound of that is one I will never forget!  We had thousands of acres to hunt on and drove to the spot where Andres had picked out to begin!  We climbed out with our guns and ammo in hand and set out walking to glass the terrain for the stag that was to be our trophy.  Lunch and more glassing but just not the day for the "big one" so back to the lodge, and a hearty dinner and needed sleep. 
Day two again up early, breakfast as the day before, we set out to for the ranch to listen again to the "ROAR" of those stags!  Feeling more at ease, we drove, stopped and glassed, walked and glassed for most of the morning, lunch was welcomed, and off to more walking and then we saw the stag that was to be mine.  I settled in for the afternoon, and was sure it was this afternoon for my "trophy" Red stag that was to be found.  As it happed, we glasses, and soon saw the one I was to take.  Doing what a hunter and his PH does, we waited for just the right chance, and success was ours.  I did indeed get the Red Stag!  Impressed with Andres knowledge and success rate, was no doubt again doing what came naturally to him.
We spend the next couple days, there on the ranch scouting and enjoying the remainder of our hunt! My partner ended up taking a trophy stag, and another one that was being sought after. 
From start to finish, he made sure our trophies were well taken care of and shipped to the states for us without any problems. 
Andres is very much a professional hunter and knows Argentina, and will make the perfect PH for anyone looking for the Red Stag hunt that they are seeking.  
Gary Bartels,
Illinois - USA.





In March 2010, my family and I spent a week with Andres in San Carlos de Bariloche.  Our stay was very enjoyable.  Andres coordinated daily activities for the non-hunters in our group and went out of his way to ensure everyone's happiness.  The red stag hunting was phenomenal, far exceeded our expectations. Each of the 3 hunters in our party took trophy animals.  The concession area that Andres hunts is vast, remote, and 100-percent free-ranging.  The scenery is beautiful. We saw multiple trophy stags daily.  Andres's experience in hunting is very evident through his selective harvesting of only mature stags.  I would highly recommend Andres's services.  Our experience was outstanding! -

Dr. Steven Keim
West Virginia - USA.





A fantastic trip to one of the few places that is still underhunted and managed properly.  AK guiding will be around for many years to come with the philosophy they have implimented.  Numerous stags to choose from and accomodations to fit any hunters style and abilities.  I will be back again in the upcoming years.  Top notch run operation.
Josh Hanson
Minnesota  - USA





Andres Kempel, Carlos, Heini, the owner of the ranch and staff all provided us with an unforgettable Red Stag Hunt in 2011.  We still talk about it all the time, admire our fine Trophy, and can't wait to get back to Argentina very soon.


Duncan and Kathleen Hubbard

Montana - USA






My son and I had the hunting trip of a lifetime with you in Argentina. We made a photo album of our trip and both red stags are mounted in our mountain house. You were such a wonderful guide and we will always be indebted to you for giving us such a wonderful hunt and memory that we will never forget. We talk about you often and the hunt in  Argentina. Since we tagged out a day early, the fly fishing trip was a big bonus to end our tour of Argentina. The 12.5 lb. brown trout was an explanation point on our trip and we could not have had a better time with you and your generous hospitality.

You are a true gentlemen and a fabulous guide and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Please some stay with us in the US whenever you visit.

All the best,


Louis Stephens

North Carolina - USA.





I've been fortunate to hunt in Africa, Alaska, NWT, Saskatchewan, Mexico and all over the United States. Hunting red stag with Andres Kempel is a trip of a lifetime. Great hunting, tremendous accommodations and a guide that really cares. Don't miss this hunting experience. You will talk about it for years.


Jim Morris

Indiana - USA





If this hunt is not on your bucket list it should be ! On hunting trips the topic always comes up as to what is the best trip you have ever done. That one is easy “ red stag during the roar in Argentina”.

Andres is a PH in every since of the word.  He asked me what I thought he could do better and my only suggestion was do more to sell the accommodations and the food, both are first class. After you are babied with the accommodations the hunt is the real deal, no high fences here ! This is over 100,000 acres that is limited to 10 stags a year! If you think the bugle of an elk is exciting what till you hear the roar of a stag. Your expectations will be exceeded on this trip.


John Morris

OklahomaCity - USA.